@showFoldWidgets value and behaviour not persistent between sessions



Happens on CS50 IDE, I don’t know if it is CS50 specific or not.
To replicate it:

  1. Open user.settings, change line 21 @showFoldWidgets value to true and save.
  2. You should see that on hovering line numbers 1 and 2, little arrows are shown.
  3. Now reload the page. the value is still true, but arrows are gone.
    On this step:
  • if you save the file (CTRL+S), arrows come back.
  • if you close the file and re-open it, value becomes false.


Unfortunately cs50 disables many features of cloud9 to make the ide “simpler” https://github.com/cs50/harvard.cs50.simple/blob/master/simple.js#L1122,
And there is no way to completely undo the things that this plugin does.

You could add a user script with

services.settings.set("user/ace/@showFoldWidgets", true);

to restore the setting, but the unfoldall call cannot be undone.

Try reporting the issue to cs50.