Show Trailing Whitespace


Is there a way to highlight trailing whitespace instead of automatically removing it?

The reason I ask is that I work on a heterogenous codebase where sometimes trailing whitespace is allowed and otherwise not (depending on package ownership). I would like to encourage migration to no-trailing-whitespace, but this requires a transition strategy. If whitespace is automatically removed the diffs for trivial unrelated changes will create confusion during review. Other text editors and IDEs have this “show but don’t change behavior” which can handle these sorts of use cases.


We don’t have a highlighting mechanism, but you can change whether or not whitespace is stripped through Cloud9 > Preferences > On Save, Strip Whitespace. This should default to off, so if your team is submitting whitespace-only changes, they may have accidentally activated this.


Is there a way community members can “upvote” this or other requests?


You can vote on posts using hearts (there should be a heart icon to the bottom right of other people’s posts). You can’t heart your own posts, but you can others’, so I’ll give you a heart since I’d like to see this as well.