Show Salesforce debug logs within C9



I would really like a better way to view logs within the C9 workspace. I’m hacking together something right now using the Salesforce command line tools and the C9 terminal but there just must be a better way – even if we have to manually set trace flags for a 24 hour period. C9 could provide a link to the Edit Trace Flag page when needed.


Hey Tye,

I agree that having a debugger experience in c9 for Salesforce would be tremendous! Hats off to you for using the cli.

I actually find the Salesforce Developer Console quite useful for debugging once I memorized the keyboard shortcuts. For example, ctrl+shift+g to get the raw, searchable log so you don’t have to download it into another application. I also like alt+shift+g to remove the logs you don’t need.

However, ultimately, we need everything in one application.

I hope you’ll stay with the community and check back for updates :slight_smile: