Show Active Hot and Hibernating Workspaces



Would it be possible to mark the active workspaces in the dashboard so one knows which are active and which are hibernating? And when activating one that has been hibernating and already at the plans limit of hot workspaces allowed, what determines which one is swapped out and hibernated? Can this be a prompt to pick which workspace to hibernate?


Nothing goes to hibernate right away. If you use 10 workspaces on a daily basis, then you’ll always have 10 active workspaces. I’m not sure how it picks which ones to keep “hot”, though, as long as you keep using them on a regular basis. Probably just the most recent ones. It would be nice if we could manually toggle, though.


You can now see badges for each of your hot workspaces. Workspaces that are hibernated show a button that says “Restore” rather than “Open”. Thank you for the feature request!


I was able to see the badges and the “Restore” on hibernated workspaces briefly the day you responded with the solution but have not since.


Thanks for following up, I meant to update this. It seems the change we made was causing some issues that prevented the dashboard from loading from time to time so we reverted it.

I can’t say for sure when it will be fixed and redeployed but I’ll keep this thread up to date. I’ve unmarked this topic as solved.