Shortcut to clear Immediate window


Hi, is there any shortcut key which I can use to clear the immediate window ?

I checked the keybindings documentation but couldn’t find any.

Maybe it’s a feature to request.



Wouldn’t Select All then Delete do the trick? or are you referring to the terminal? that can be cleared by just running, ‘clear’.


This is in reference to the immediate Javascript window which we need to have in our web IDE documentation. There is no way to clear it with a keyboard shortcut but there is the button that you’re probably aware of in the bottom right corner.


Yup, that’s it.

Thank you Bradly! I’ll add the feature request to the feature request category.


Woops, I meant to change this to a feature request just to keep things clean and DRY but the two threads will work as well :slightly_smiling:


The shortcut to clear the immediate window is +k on OS X or Alt+k on Windows/Linux.


I confirm this works !! (although alt+k)

Thank you !!!


Ctrl-K is not a good key setting in the bash command line since Ctrl-K should clear to the end of the line and not clear the screen. How do I unhook Ctrl-K?
In Javascript it should be ok, but definitely not in the bash command line.


@richtera Looks like it isn’t bound at all. The shortcut is Alt+k. Either way, you can customize the keybindings in the preferences: