Shell level for terminal in a AWS Cloud9 workspace


Hi I am running a Cloud9 environment on an AWS EC2 instance. When I was using the terminal in the IDE, why is the shell level at 4?


This is likely due to the fact that Cloud9’s terminal both on and AWS Cloud9 runs through tmux.


Hi Bryce,

Thank you for your response. I was looking at the list of processes and found that whenever I open a new terminal in Cloud9, a new tmux window was created and attached. The process is run as follow: “/home/ec2-user/.c9/bin/tmux -u2 -L cloud91.8 new -s cloud9_terminal_40 export ISOUTPUTPANE=0;bash -l ; set -q -g status off ; set -q destroy-unattached off ; set -q mouse-select-pane on ; set -q set-titles on ; set -q quiet on ; set -q -g prefix C-b ; set -q -g default-terminal xterm-256color ; setw -q -g xterm-keys on ; setw -q c0-change-trigger 0”.

Would you please explained to me what is the variable ISOUTPUTOANE for and why bash -l was run after that?


The ISOUTPUTPANE variable exists to determine whether or not a welcome message is displayed. bash -l ensures that we pick up the logged-in user’s bash configurations. See the description for the interactive login shell here:


I have observed that whenever a new terminal is opened in Cloud9, a new tmux window is opened and attached to the cloud91.8 socket. Is there a reason why the cloud91.8 socket has a shell level of 3 and not 2? I asked this is because I created a new tmux window and attached it to cloud91.8 and curious about why the shell level is at 3.