Sharing team workspace with other users


I added members, and it sent out emails to everyone. None of them could access the workspace, though. Then, I shared the workspace with them, and they could see the workspace. Is this right? If it is, what’s the difference between having a team plan when I could do this already with a free plan?

Also, I tried to email support but it told me I need to have a premium plan. Is the team plan not a premium plan? What am I paying for?



Workspaces and plans are two different things. When you invite someone to your team, they are given the benefits you paid for, which include the following for each member (taken from the pricing page):

∞ SSH Workspaces
∞ Community Workspaces
10 Hot Workspaces
Increased Performance
Resizable Workspaces
Premium E-mail Support```
In this case, it's simply a plan designed so not every user has to sign up for premium, and so that sharing workspaces with your teammates can be easy. As far as I'm aware, it's possible for each member to either create a workspace on the team account, or a personal workspace that they have on their specific account.
I am interested in why premium support didn't work, as according to the above features, it should be part of that. @moderators can someone weigh in?
Beyond that, I don't know a whole lot about the team plan. Hopefully someone else has some more experience with it.


So I’m a free user still? I need to sign up for Premium to share Premium privileges? I just need a private workspace I can share. Did I sign up for the wrong thing?


If you go to, can you tell me which button says “Your current plan”?


Inability to access premium support for team members is a bug. Until that is addressed, you can email and it will come to our normal premium support inbox. We can then see that you are indeed a premium member.

Additionally, the pricing page will only show your individual plan. Since you’re on a team plan, it will say you are free. I think there’s a saying for this…Clear as mud? :wink: We’re aware of how confusing and this will be addressed in time.


I says my current plan on free user but I have a reciept…

Ah okay, Thanks guys