Sharing Enhancements


I see this as a way to share development environments that are pre-built and ready to use and play with. You can use public, but that isn’t sharing the environment that is sharing the code.

What would be very nice is the following:

  1. Need to be able to CLONE an Environment then make it public so that one can share a modified version of their private environment. It’s silly you can’t do this now.

  2. Need to be able to “Allow Clone” or “Allow Environment Fork” which would allow the user to essentially clone the public environment into their own account and start using it.

  3. Need the ability to share specific parts of an environment rather than all or nothing (share only these files).

— This is essential for situations where specific things are features are installed custom. In my example I have a lot of tcl extensions, etc compiled and working but if I only share the source the user still needs to get all those running which isn’t always a simple task.


+1 THIS! This would make cloud9 a serious contender for our dev environment.