Shared folders, not workspaces


C9 has the chance to share a folder with another person for collaborative function? or just share workspaces and thats it?


There is only an option for sharing whole workspace.
limiting to one folder only would require disabling terminal access, which would disable some of completers and linters too.


How about using Dropbox for Ubuntu - to share a folder:


I meant, I have a project, that I just want to give some developers access so they dont view/edit some stuff. By example

Project Folder

So I share inside the worskpace the folder new_developer, he came here put his code, include and use another code from others folders hidden (I told him where and what to use, routes, functions, etc…) and thats it.

#5 offers Pull Requests. These all you to review the code changes - before accepting them. This wouldn’t let you block other developers from seeing all of the code - but at least a junior dev won’t break your code.

As far as passwords and other sensitive files go - I put them above the .git folder - so that git doesn’t save it (where others could see that).

Look into Git Pull Requests.