Share Preview Only to a Few Users



Would be neat to have the ability to only share the preview part of a private workspace with other users. Thus it is still private to everyone except who you have given permission.


This feature already exists. Open the share dialog in the IDE and notice the checkboxes in the top. You can enable and disable the public setting for each of the 3 areas; IDE, preview, application.


Yes that makes it public. I’m saying share that preview only with a specific set of users. That way the preview is still private, but others can see it without having access to the entire workspace.


Aha! Thanks for the clarification. That is indeed a cool feature. We should have that.


Full screen preview only.
I also think this would be a super option !
This means having the possibility to show a project to a customer or a prospect, without giving him acces to the workspace commands, features, folders, code etc …

It should remain private. The benefit is that the page would not get indexed on Search Engines !