Setting Up Redis



As is the case with a couple other database management systems, Cloud9 workspaces come with redis pre-installed.

Start the server:

sudo service redis-server start

Connect with the client:


You can then connect to the database with following parameters:

  • Hostname - $IP (The same local IP as the application you run on Cloud9)
  • Port - 6379 (The default Redis port number)
  • Password - “” (No password since you can only access the DB from within the workspace)


See for drivers.

Manage redis db from desktop
Tutorials - Table of Contents

Any one had luck getting Redis to work with Sidekiq on cloud9 under Rails 5 with ActiveJob? We have our application working in production in Heroku just fine with sidekiq and redistogo, but have issues getting the same code base to work in cloud9 with either the local Redis or with Redistogo. Both services (Redis and Sidekiq) start-up, and we can submit jobs and get job_ids but nothing gets enqueued in Redis.


I fixed it by adding the following env vars:


Please make sure the vars are loaded and that you restarted your server.


After connecting with the client, how can I enter the parameters? What is the proper syntax/format for this code?