Setting up a commercial website based on customized Cloud9 editor



I’m currently working on a business case for a web platform that is essentialy a BaaS, but file-based (a node.js based server), and with a web interface as a graphical UI. For example: in the web UI you can edit something using a form, and that would generate the Javascript code.

To integrate those two, I read about extending the Cloud9 interface using the SDK to create custom editors, forms, wizards, etc.

However, the SDK has license restrictions for commercial use. I couldn’t find anywhere who to contact to discuss this business case.

Ideally, when a user signs up, I want to provision a Cloud9 instance with my custom packages installed. I don’t want the user to sign up to Cloud9 and install my package, I want it to be an integrated user experience.

I hope someone from Cloud9 can connect with me to discuss this further.


The Cloud9 codebase is only open for personal, non-commercial use and will not be licensed for any for-profit uses. The Ace Editor (which handles the text inputs within the IDE and on plenty of other pages throughout the web, and is developed by the Cloud9 team) is released under a BSD license.


That is very unfortunate.


It does seem like you’re adding a large amount of custom logic, so as long as you can use the BSD license, I’d still suggest using Ace as a jumping-off point.


I can’t find any information about Ace offering even remotely the kind of customizations that could be achieved with custom Panels, Wizards, Forms and Editors that the C9 SDK offers.

Also, I see there is a mention of a commercial license ( on this page:

How does that fit in with this? It seems there is a possibility to enter into a commercial agreement.
And the other way around, if I open source my plugin packages, but it would be useless without the user entering their credentials to my back-end server in the configuration, then I guess that would not make the package commercial. Bit of a grey area here.

I would really just like to be able to talk to someone about this.