Setting up a class


Hi all

I’m trying to run a class with around 60 students. I’m paying for the teacher account, but I’m worried about having everyone work out of the same workspace.

I’ve got two problems:

1) Setting everyone up

This is a corporate class and I don’t want everyone to manually sign up. I’d like to just provide them with credentials. Is there any way to set up a team without having everyone need to manually sign up on their own?

2) Scaling the class

I’ve currently got all the students working out of the same workspace. They each have a folder with a file for them to edit.

If we’re all doing web development and each of the 60 students presses run on their individual computer, is this going to crash?

I’m wondering if the correct way to set this up is to have each student clone the class into their local repository, or if it’s fine to run out of one repository.