Set Android_Home environmental variable


I am trying to compile a Cordova Project through my C9 cloud server. When I am compiling project, They ask me to set Android_Home environmental variable. How I set them in Cloud Server. Please help me

How to install android SDK into meteor workspace?

You can add it to your profile file and then it will be set for every terminal you open. You can open it by typing nano ~/.profile and adding a line like ANDROID_HOME='/home/ubuntu/android' then close that terminal and open a new one and it will be set.

You can check it’s set by typing echo $ANDROID_HOME in your terminal


I think the environment variable is set automatically when the Android SDK is installed, no? If you’re using Cordova to develop for the Android platform, you will have to install the SDK on your Cloud9 workspace.


I already did it. I just exported Android_Home and Path without editing the ~/.profile Anyway thanks for all your help.