Server go offline


I a have server on c9. All running good, but if i go offline(example: go sleep), server a offline.
Console have only '[Ide]'

How i can fix it? Plan free.


Your server is automatically shut down after a while of inactivity. The only solution is to upgrade to a paid plan with “Hot Workspaces” that remain active even after leaving them for a long time.


Can i stay on in workspace all time? I can get ban or something else?


Don’t worry about getting banned. As long as you do not use your workspace to host your website in production, you’ll be fine.



I can’t only create a site on and hold it online?

If i hold server, and connect to him work only from my site(site not hosted on c9) - i do not get banned?


@MrJunior you can get banned if you continue hosting ogar game server on cloud9, cloud9 workspaces are intended to be used for development, not for hosting game servers, bots, etc.