Self-Hosting private workspace



Is there a way I could perhaps set up a cloud 9 workspace on a personal computer of mine, and access it from elsewhere via Cloud 9?

Essentially host my own cloud 9 workspace for my own use.


Yes, I’ve just done this recently, and it’s very easy. is the repo for the Cloud9 IDE, and all you need is a machine with git and node installed. has excellent detailed install instructions, and there are very few steps. As for accessing your workspace from elsewhere, you would need to set up port forwarding on your router, and I don’t have much experience doing that, plus it’s a fairly large security risk if not done correctly.

EDIT: Make sure you read the license that applies to you, and make sure you follow it


Does the self-hosted version support multiple users and the proxy daemon?

We’d like to continue using c9 for education use but the AWS setup is likely too complex for our students.


The self hosted version does not have a built in account system, though you may be able to implement one, if you have the time. It does not have the proxy, unfortunately.