Self-hosted version of CS50 IDE


Hi Cloud9,

An online class is using some version of the Cloud9 IDE:

The CS50 IDE docs says:
"The CS50 IDE is a cloud-based Integrated Development Environment powered by Cloud9 ( that features a cloud-based virtual machine running Ubuntu, similar to the CS50 Appliance."
I’m just curious if their customized IDE is self-hosted using the open source version of Cloud9?:

Or if their CS50 IDE is hosted by somehow? If so, then is this feature open to the general public?

Thank you for your time!


Wow this is really cool to see.

I’m assuming they’re hosting a fork of C9 Core all on their own but @nikolai would know for sure. :wink:

and I agree @alininja, this would definitely be a cool business case to let people host their own white-labeled, pre-plugined, C9 instances on their own domains. :astonished:


Hi, the CS50 IDE is only available to CS50 students. We offer custom IDEs - if you are interested it is best to contact support at

Happy coding :slight_smile:


Thanks @nikolai. It’s strange that I can clone and use the CS50 IDE even though I’m not registered. Maybe that’s a bug.

Also, is the docker-style custom IDE what you are referring to when you said contact support?:

If so, then thanks!; I will try that out!

Happy Holidays!