Seeing viewers in Read-only mode


Hey guys,

I was wondering if I am able to see who is viewing my Cloud 9 in “Read-Only” Mode.
Will it show that there is an anonymous visitor and/or show their username?

Thanks a lot,


If someone is viewing your workspace, you’ll be able to see their avatar/picture in the top right corner of your workspace, next to where your avatar is.

If you wanna get fancy with it you can open the Collaborate tab on the right hand side and see all users in the workspace and the current files they have open :muscle:


Thank you.

Will the username if they have viewed it in the past? Showing a file to a friend in read-only and want to make sure if they viewed it or not.


This will only show if they are currently viewing it in the workspace. If you’d like to check if they’ve viewed it, I’d suggest shortening the IDE link with a link shortening service where you can track how many times the link is clicked :slight_smile:


This helped. Thank you, Brady!