Scrolling not working in SSH Workspace's Terminal



In my last Google Cloud Engine SSH Workspace I could scroll the terminal but in this new Ubuntu 17 SSH Workspace I can’t scroll anymore? :astonished:

Scrolling instead scrolls the latest commands in the active command line or the terminal up/down arrow character codes:

Is there a setting to alleviate the issue?

It’s hard to work in here.

Here’s the link to the project:

Using a custom shell (zsh)

@mikeumus Did you figure this out? Did you have to update Ubuntu?


I have the same problem in MacOS.


Reloading seems to fix it, but only temporarily


I have the same problem in a regular (not SSH) workspace terminal.
I m running Chrome Version 67.0.3396.87 (64 bits)


Using Safari 11.1, I noticed this tends to happen after using Find.


What version of tmux are you running? The terminal only works with tmux 1.9-2.3; newer versions of Ubuntu that ship with versions > 2.4 won’t be able to scroll.


The terminal want scroll even on Cloud9 hosted workspaces.


Could you send the workspace in question to so we can take a deeper look?


@bryceito Done, Thank you very much.


Was this ever resolved? I’m having the same issue.


I am using Cloud 9 to SSH into my Mac. I had to down grade tmux to version 2.3 to get scrolling to work.

Here is a good article on how to install an old version of tmux on a Mac:

Here are the commands I ran:

brew uninstall tmux
brew install
tmux -V   # verify that you are running version 2.3
brew pin tmux