School plan not working as expected


I’m using now for 3 years to train different students in Switzerland.
Now the free account is not longer working and I have to upgrade to a school plan for $10/month.
I now see that $29 is charged to my CC and my students still need to provide CC details.
This is a no-go for us and I need somebody to check and fix this.




HELP! I tried to open a School account and now I'm being charged a lot

I’ve seen this a couple times before. Basically, people accidentally signup for the normal team plan and not the school plan because the link is slightly off and it defaults to teams for $29/month. When you signup, make sure you see the $10/month text and then go for it.

The proper link for School plan signup is right here so go ahead and use that. If you’ve signed up for the wrong plan then delete your team account (instructions on how to do that in the team FAQ) and then go ahead and email so we can get you a refund.


I have the same issue. I follow the link of school plan and end up with normal team subscription. Your team should really fix this.

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