School Plan Feasible?


I’m interested in a school plan for use in my university classes. However, I need to know some details before spending any money. I have approximately 180 students and do not have the time to manually create accounts for them. Is there a way to create the accounts from a CSV file?

Also, since I re-use material from semester to semester, I prefer that class exercises remain private and not public (or searchable in a public space). From the description, it seems that the students would be using public workspaces. I’m also unclear on how a single private workspace is helpful. I have students work in groups (~50) on activities. So I don’t think it makes sense for them to all use the same private space, but the material should not be publicly available.

Thanks for your clarifications.


I’m a volunteering teacher at a highschool using(planning since today we had issues) to use cloud 9. In order for your students to sign up, without a credit card, you go into your upgraded account into the team settings and you send them an invite email. It will give them a unique link(tying that email to the account that they will be able to create) for them to sign up with. I can send you a ‘tutorial’ that I created for my students if you wish, email me at

As far as my memory goes, there is not CSV option, though it would have made my life easier. I only had 24 students to send emails out to, but I can empathize what it will be like for 180 students.

Private workspaces are per student account, it basically treats each account as a free account + teams. Workspaces are public, but they are not editable(and sometimes run-able depending on how things are run/compiled) with out explicit steps. Here is a java hello world workspace that I created in the blank template, It is a public workspace, see what you think of it.

I think that ‘covers’ everything, I expect you will understand this and either know what you want/need to do, or have further questions.