Sass compiling duplicates




I haven’t had any problems running sass with the ‘gulp watch’ command previously but over the last two days I run the same command and when I go to save any sass partial it duplicates the folder as a .css eg i’ll save _main.scss and _main.css will automatically occur This causes an error to say ‘please delete or rename all but one of these files’. I try to solve 99% of my problems by myself but this one has thrown me and is really frustrating.

Would there be any reason for this? has anyone else had this trouble? How do I fix it?



Hi Bryon,

I was wondering if you have ‘Automatically Build Supported Files’ turned on? It would automatically build your SASS files as soon as you save them. Since you’re using gulp to do the processing, you probably don’t need it.

Hope this helps.



Hi Mutahhir

That was exactly the problem , I turned supported files on when playing around with installing sass. I cannot thank you enough mate, am extremely grateful.



Sweet! Glad to be of help. Have a great day and happy coding!