SASS Compile, choose file location


Hello there,

I have a wordpress workspace and my theme’s css is built with sass.

Usually I would use codekit on my mac but want to achieve all of my compiling on C9

I have selected my SASS as my build system and set it to auto build on save.

I have a folder of partials and a style.scss folder (see attachement)

I wish for my file to compile whenever I save any of these partials and compile the css to the style.css file in the root of the template folder.

I can’t find anyway to do this using the UI in C9, can somebody help me get this working?

Many Thanks



Somebody answer please


There’s no way to automatically build SASS > CSS from the Cloud9 UI but most devs that I’ve heard of use Gulp or Grunt to automate stuff like this. You could try one of those from the command line.

You also might try using Browsersync and Gulp together. There’s a general guide for that here and then here’s a blog post about using Browsersync on Cloud9.