Salesforce synchronization overwriting updates in org


We have been using the Cloud9 Salesforce IDE for a few months and there have been several instances where Cloud9 will overwrite updates in the Salesforce Org when it is opened. When we get into this situation the only solution we have is to delete the workspace and hope that it doesn’t happen again. Here is an example of the problem:

  1. Developer A is working in Cloud9 and making updates to classes. As they save the updates are saved to Salesforce. They go home for the day.

  2. Developer B is also working in the same Salesforce instance and making additional updates. He continues to make updates after Developer A has stopped working for the day. Everything looks good.

  3. Developer A comes back in the next day and opens up Cloud9. When they open it up it synchronizes with the Salesforce org and then wipes out the changes that Developer B made.

  4. Developer B is very sad.

As I mentioned above, we have run into the above sequence several times. I really like working in Cloud9 but the risk of code loss is a big concern for me. Do you know why this would be happening?