Salesforce - Creating new classes, triggers, etc



How do I create these basic files/templates with their associated xml files, do I need to create them manually? Thanks


Apparently cloud9 salesforce isn’t prepared to field such questions. Seems like a pretty fundamental need and question.
Are you still using cloud9 for salesforce development?


Cloud9 doesn’t provide any special UI elements to make this happen so you’ll need to create these via xml files or from within the Salesforce console.


No, you’re right, you don’t. And there was never any intention on providing this? Really? So what is it your salesforce support sets you apart from anything else?
I drank the Koolaid from a number of glowing reviews of your internet based salesforce support (must have been from cloud9 developers) to find that it provides less functionality then any other option out there.
Please tell me, why should I use cloud9 for for my salesforce development given its serious limitations?


Sorry for the late response here. This is good feedback and I’d like to talk to you more about this personally. Please email so we can help you out from there.