Salesforce Check conflicts before compile (Urgent feature required)



c9 IDE for Salesforce is difficult to manage in a multi-developer org environment.

More than a few times, which is a few times too many for me. We have been working between GIT commits and the synchronisation has overwritten code of developers working in the same org.

It’s too much to expect the dev to only sync a subset of the Apex which they are working on to avoid this happening.

1 org : 1 dev c9 works amazing, however most complex development environments are not setup this way.

Hope this is good feedback


This is a very difficult thing to manage and I’ve been doing a lot of research myself to clear these same hurdles. I really like the concept of cloud9 IDE and I think I have come across a great way to manage multiple developers in a complex org.

At Dreamforce last year Atlassian did a session on this very topic using Cloud9, Bitbucket with pipelines and Salesforce. It is worth at least taking a look at the presentation as it has given me several ideas for approaches to solves this issue.

Full disclosure, I do use Atlassian products and I like them a lot but I don’t think you have to use these tools to make this solution work. Just several good ideas.


I think this is all fine, however should the IDE not natively handle conflicts. Mavens, Eclipses etc do. It’s a great app for individuals but salesforce teams it’s not perfect. Maybe c9 have updated their conflict resolution feature since this post and can comment here. Thanks