Running SPFX with Cloud 9 IDE does not work


SPFX (SharePoint Framework) is a new client-side SharePoint development tool, easy integration with SharePoint data, and support for open source tooling based on node and heavily relies on web pack and gulp to provide for it’s tooling.

This quick starts works

Build your first SharePoint client-side web part

on windows, mac and Ubuntu

However, I am running into issues running it on Cloud 9 please see

The framework allows you to preview your WebPart in a browser before deploying to SharePoint. So you can develop without SharePoint until you are ready.

I would appreciate any help in getting this resolved.


This can be caused by a dependency of gulp-connect: connect-livereload
But unfortunately the project seems to be dead:
Could you try using the version from that pr, or add me ( as a collaborator, to test that.


Thank you for getting back to me really quick. I have shared my workspace with you


I get a ECONNRESET:Request could not be proxied error (503 service Unavailable) in the browser
Is there a way to get around these issues. Everything seems to be fine no errors on the console.

Please could you try and create a new environment by following Build your first SharePoint client-side web part

HelloWorld tutorial

I would really appreciate you help.