Running on iPad Pro


Hey everyone I know that 9 is not a mobile thing but I tried running it on my iPad and it does work but freezing some. Anyone else try and get it to work?


Cloud9 is not at all designed to run on mobile devices, and while some people have asked for this functionality, the only implementations will likely be independent developers modding the web app to work. A quick search on the community will find you some other people wondering about this, but again, it’s very likely not anywhere on the roadmap.


Thanks for the reply, I am sure I am not the only one! The market share that mobile gains every year and the power that tablets generate getting better and better every year I would think they would be all over it. My iPad runs it but freezes every so often so with some tweaking I am sure it would be easy to be able to have a mobile version. I would think they would be very interested in something like this.