Running Kirby-CMS with AWS Cloud9


I would like to work on a Kirby-CMS-Project on AWS-Cloud9. Works fine on “Old”-Cloud9 with configured Apache-Server. On AWS Cloud9 I cannot get Kirby running with apache (httpd), because I have no clue how to get apache configured on AWS Cloud9, The configuration and file-structure is completely different then on “Old”-Cloud9. Could someone give me some advice how I could configure apache for Kirby-CMS on AWS Cloud9.

(The routing does not work, when I run Kirby-CMS with the built in php-dev-server)


If you’re looking to try and access your files through the preview URL, you’ll need to run your app on with ports 8080-8082 (8080 is the default for the URL). This is different than, where you run through

You can see other information regarding previewing your app in the docs here