Running debugging apache(php) - xdebug


Hello, guys! I ocurred trouble with runner.
I don’t know how iwth apache runner start gulp.

I have:

// Create a custom Cloud9 runner - similar to the Sublime build system
// For more information see
“cmd”: [
“cmdStop”: [
“debugger”: “xdebug”,
“debugport”: 9000,
“working_dir”: “$project_path”,
"$debugDefaultState": false,
“env”: {
“XDEBUG_CONFIG”: “xdebug.remote_enable=1 idekey=cloud9ide remote_host=localhost remote_port=9000 remote_mode=req”
“info”: “Starting…”

And I want add gulp start cmd. Help me

I think It can be, but I don’t sure and It doesn’t work.


“cmd”: [
“run-apache2 ${debug?debug}; gulp;”