Run Project CWD button


Following almost all guides create several sub-folders before getting to the actual working directory to be severed and I figured that is what the CWD button is for, am I wrong?

I set the working directory to host and it does not effect the run of the server. I have to set the directory into the command input and then run the server will output with the correct CWD and run correctly.


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What type of server are you trying to run? i.e.: node, python, ruby :cd: :minidisc: :gem: :question:



No problem, thanks for getting backing to me. I am building mostly AngularJS test environments so I am using PHP server.


Not sure if I should post here or start another thread, but I am having the same issue with the CWD button not being applied to the current server run.

I am attempting to run the default Apache httpd(PHP, HTML) with the Symfony and changing the CWD to “/web” directory. However, when I run the server, it defaults to the root directory rather than the CWD that is set.

Is there another way to set the web directory so that the stylesheets and resources load correctly?


You can enter root folder into the command box. if get /www/app from cwd, drop the initial slash and enter into command line.

www/app and that will do what I think CWD is supposed to do


@robwilde can you attach a screenshot of your setup so I know exactly what you’re working with? @chriscadcw if you have one as well then that would help :wink:


have attached screen shot.
went through guide on setup of angular project using the PHP template. Presume the CWD (current working directory) would assign the root dir from which to run the application for testing. it does not seem to do anything.

is there any particular guide to show how to set the working directory or what needs to be done to make this work as it should


The CWD Button is supposed to change your working directory if the command requires this. For example, for my project, my files live in a subfolder from the workspace folder. I change the cwd to that and put in my command then voila, it runs. It’s the same as if you CD’ed to your working directory to run your server process in a terminal.


Have you been able to figure this out? I can’t get my server to start in any other directory than the base workspace.