Run configurations



Could you provide us with more detailed info about :

  • Run configurations
  • Runners
  • Builders

I suppose that builder is a build system - cmake in my (C++) case
runner is a something like debugger
and run configuration - is a something what is a union of the builder and runner?

currently it’s very unclear.
so Run configuration contains these properties:

  1. name
  2. command - no idea what is it
  3. CWD - working directory. what does this property affect? debugger? compiler?
  4. Debug - flag to stop on breakpoints
  5. Runner - it’s mostly clear , but it works oddly, it starts depends of currently opened file, it’s not good - runner is not a property of the file , but of a whole project. doesn’t matter which file is opened in editor, the built executable is not related with this.
  6. Default - suppose this is a flag of the config which ran by default. however need a clarification

So nothing about builders.

  • is a builder(s) linked with Run configuration?
  • if - yes, when this will be executed during the process?

Another group of questions - how to combine a configurations:
you see - minimal Run configurations is a Debug, Release, Tests
how to configure this? any examples please…
cmake projects can have a few targets, depends of the parameters.
how to write parameterized builders? where can I set which target to build?