Ruby Workspace(without Rails) how do I create it?


I am using Cloud9 for PHP and I like it. But now I want to create a workspace for Ruby just Ruby without Rails. As I am going to use it for Gosu.
But I do not find a icon for Ruby but in the code list it is marked as fully supported.


Simply create a new workspace with the Blank template. This template has Ruby but no Rails.

Actually, if I am not mistaken, all templates have Ruby and RVM (Ruby Version Manager) installed.


Thank you I figured that out last night but what I did but is not running like it should.
Get strange error warnings for instance
name = gets.chomp (unassigned variabel)
then I also get the following warning at the testfile

Important: use ENV[PORT] as the port and ENV[IP] as the host in your scripts!

There is a conversation on this topic.
If it was solved?

To many open ends which cost to much time.
For Ruby I ams staying with Rubymine (sorry)
I hate putting time in this sort of loose end.
Not for Rails that’s running perfectly in Cloud9.
Anyway thanks for your kind and swift reaction.