Ruby update, Ruby on Rails (5.0) installation disappears when I start a new terminal



I’m having the same problem with a blank workspace as well as with the Rails Tutorial workspace. I will update RVM, Ruby and Ruby on Rails to the latest versions, I’ll create a new project and everything works fine. If I open a new terminal to run the server I have re-install and update everything.

When I come back to my workspace after not using it for a few days my terminals are re-initialized and I have to reinstall and and update everything again.

Is there a way to fix this?


What RVM commands are you using?


First I’ll run rvm install ruby-2.4.1 then I’ll run rvm use 2.4.1, after which I will run gem install rails to install Rails 5. The problem is that while all of that will be installed on that terminal, when I open a new terminal and run ruby -v or rails -v it will say that Ruby is 2.3.0 and rails is not installed.

Do you know why that is happening?


Use the default option. If I am not mistaken:

rvm use --default 2.4.1