Ruby on rails app redirect to preview page for a proxy request from Shopify



From 8th June, 2017 workspace for my Ruby on rails app for shopify does not response for proxy call. I am developing a shopify app on “Ruby on rails” on of my workspace. On the app development stage I have to test proxy call from my website to Ruby on rails app url that is developing on c9 . Before the 8th June, 2017 everything was working fine. But after that date the proxy call redirect to this page “…” where the page content show text like- Welcome to the Cloud9 IDE Application Preview****This is the preview of an application being developed with Cloud9 IDE and there is a button “Open the app”.When click the button “Open the app” it redirect to app home url means the workspace preview url but it should only response data from the back end.


apps proxied by shopify should be working again now


I have tested but there is still no change. It redirects to my c9 workspace home url.