Routes Problem In Ruby/Rails App Development



Hi everyone!

I need help with something. I’m playing around with the test_app (default rails app) for an online Ruby on Rails development course. I go in the “test_app” file, create the “get ‘welcome/home’, to: ‘welcome#home’” line of code in the routes.rb file. I even check every time with the “rakes route” command in the terminal and my created route comes up exactly as shown in the video. When I got to the running app, it stills says "No route matches [GET] “/welcome/home” It’s very frustrating. My code is the exact same as shown in the lecture. Any ideas as to why this could be happening?

Also, the running application says “/home/ubuntu/workspace” and not “rails_projects/test_app” which is the folders I’m working in. Could this be the problem?

Thank you in advance,
Ian Scalzo


Make sure you have a welcome controller with a home action and a welcome View folder with a home.html.erb view file.


Just had this same issue, figured out it was because I was running from the workspace directory instead of /code/rails_projects/alpha-blog which is where all of the files that I was modifying are located.