Root password on local install


I have install cloud9 from bitnami,
but now i can’t do anything because i can’t find root password ><
how i can find root password ?!
i have try with sudo -i but i can’t get access directly still is asking me for passwd

cloud9@xcalypso-world:~/htdocs/workspace$ sudo -i [sudo] password for cloud9: Sorry, try again. [sudo] password for cloud9: Sorry, try again. [sudo] password for cloud9: Sorry, try again. sudo: 3 incorrect password attempts cloud9@xcalypso-world:~/htdocs/workspace$


It doesn’t look like you’re hosting Cloud9 on our infrastructure. What provider is hosting your instance of Cloud9? The password is the password for your cloud9 user on that virtual machine that you setup.


i find cloud9 on bitnami
and i have install it on my VPS debian 7, when i open my server ip to login on cloud9
example , is asking me for username and password and i have those
example user1
passwd user123
but in workspace you can see cloud9@xcalypso-world:~
and cloud9 is not my username
my username is user1 and i don’t know password for cloud9


It looks like the cloud9 user might have been created by the bitnami installer. I’m unsure what they set the password for it to. Do you have root access on your VPS when logging in via SSH? If so you can change the password by typing passwd cloud9


yes i have access i forgot to login as root and to change pw for cloud9 sorry about this,
i add cloud9 in sudoers and now is working good. Thanks :sunglasses: