Robomongo connected to MongoDB on Cloud9?


Hi all,

Just started committing to using Cloud9 more often as it makes working from my Chromebook whilst travelling so much easier.

Just kicked off a new project with a NoSQL database and I was wondering if anyone knows of a way to connect up Robomongo to your MongoDB database running on Cloud9? Not necessarily a vital or needed feature but is sure would make setting up databases a bit easier.




Thank you for writing in. Currently the only way to connect to your workspace is via the ports 8080, 8081 and 8082 (more information about multiple ports here. Each of these ports are routed through an HTTP proxy that forwards traffic to your workspace. If you enable MongoDB to listen on one of these ports, you should be able to connect to it externally. However, the protocol has to be HTTP based, and not a custom protocol.

I hope this helps.



it still did not work. I ran mongodb on 8081 and tried to connected from robomongo using HTTP protocol still it says can’t connected :frowning:


Hi M,

Can you guide us on how to do this exactly? i.e. the step by step process and explanation?

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