RethinkDB not connecting to my application, is it c9?


I am working on an application in c9 and i am trying to connect to my database, the database is rethinkdb. I cannot get connected and am not sure why. Could c9 require something like their $ip or $port vs using the standard ports that rethink typically uses? Or do I need to keep looking into the programming?


If RethinkDB and your application are both running in your workspace then you can run RethinkDB on any port, it’s only if you need to access it externally that you should change its port to 8080, 8081 or 8082.

I’ve run RethinkDB in a Cloud9 workspace using its default ports and it worked fine.


Thank you for the info. It must be in the code then…sigh…


A followup question, I think that I just never had rethink started. I cannot figure out how to start rethink (if this is the issue) I have done some mongodb and I had to start that server, so Im thinking this is is.

How do I start rethink? In the docs it says just type $ rethinkdb however that didnt work. What folder do I need to be in? What commands do I have to type?


I just got it via apt-get. The instructions are here: Just copy and paste that first block of code in the “With binaries” section. You can ignore the “Compile from source” section.

Then after it’s installed you can run it with sudo service rethinkdb start