Restoring files on a free account



I have recently been working on a c9 workspace until I accidentally deleted all the files. Due to my account being free, I am not able to recover any work that I have been working for the past few weeks. I did read about the fact that I am able to recover files via the revision history if I remember the file names, but there are too many file names to remember all.

My real question is if it is possible for me to have a premium account “trial” for a few minutes until I am able to recover the files. The work is very important to me, and I would really appreciate if I was given the option.


Vamsi D

Completely ignored by support - frustrated and feeling regret

Unfortunately there is no button premium users have to restore a backup, we have to do it manually which takes a lot of time. We have over 100,000 monthly free users and so as you can imagine with our small team we don’t have time to restore files for everyone who accidentally deletes them.

If you purchase a premium account we can restore your files for you. Or I recommend using a source control system such as Git in the future so you can recover them yourself if you delete them by accident.