Resizing Panes Keyboard Shortcuts


It would be awesome if I could resize my split view via my keyboard much like the way terminator (

AND it would be even more awesome if i could just use my keyboard to make the split panes to begin with, also much like terminator lol


So it looks like this should be possible using the Keybindings setting however I have set for example

move_term_panedown = Ctrl-Shift-Down

I am thinking that should move the current pane down am I correct? if so it doesnt work with a terminal window


This can’t be done with Keybinding settings alone since it also requires implementing commands in js.
move_term_panedown is for tmux panes and is not useful here
but movetabright command is somewhat related
you could use init script to add new commands like this

    name: "make_current_pane_larger",
    bindKey: {win: "alt-x g"},
    exec: function() {
        var tab = services.tabManager.focussedTab;
        tab.pane.width = "60%"


Awesome thanks :slight_smile: can’t wait to try this out.


So I have been trying to implement what you showed me but I am finding keybindings don’t work when I am in a terminal window… I am trying to read the docs to figure out how to access the panes with terminals open but can’t seem to really figure anything out.


It probably doesn’t work because terminals use hardcoded whitelist of global commnds. We’ll need to make terminal keybindings customizable similar to other keybindings.


Ah ok cool, thanks :slight_smile:


Is it possible to execute a function within the init script externally? So would I be able to bind a command in the terminal that executed a script that called the function with the init script?