Reset password for a WordPress site... and an empty c9 DB



I took over a WordPress project began by a colleague… and I don’t have the credentials to access wp-admin. Tried the Reset password option, but the mail don’t end up in the mail box. So I tried to acces the DB (installing a PHP project, getting the phpmyadmin url), and then I found an empty c9 database (which is linked to the project, as I can see in the wp-config file). Looked in the others DB found in phpmyadmin, but I don’t find any user or standard WP tables…



Try Changing Password From Database Using PhpMyAdmin
Here Is The Tutorial:


Thanks yahiakemari, I already knew how to change the password (I’ve done it in the pass)… my actual problem is that I can’t even find the DB (and furthermore the wp_users table).


Ok, found the problem… I installed phpmyadmin on a blank project (as I saw in another support post). That’s why I got an empty c9 DB. Runned the phpmyadmin in my WP project and got to reach the table in the DB… Sorry!