Reset cloud 9 workspace


Sometime I install lots of softwares and later I do not need them. They unnecessary fill up my workspace and soon I hit the limit of storage space. Its hard to look for all the softwares and delete them one by one. Isn’t there a way to reset the whole workspace such that everything is deleted and it is fresh like its provided when we first create a workspace.

You might think why don’t I just create a new workspace. Well the problem is that I am on free account and I have a 5 GB workspace and if I create a new workspace I only get 2 GB not 5 GB. So, that’s the problem.


The officially supported method is to delete it and create a new one. We grandfathered old free workspaces that were larger however, so I can see your concern however.

There is a command ‘du-c9’ that will print a list of all files and their sizes that are counted towards your quota usage (any files that have been changed from the base image will be listed here.)