Requiring a credit card for use on C9


Hi, I’m a student and I’m currently doing a project for school for a game making competition. Today, me and my group attempted to sign up for Cloud 9 to work on our project but it appears we need a credit card to use the system. Sadly, none of us have access to credit cards nor would our parents/guardians allow us to use them. So now we are kind of stuck in a loop because we have no way to work on the project with easily accessible programs.

This is very frustrating because it was recommended to us by our teacher who has been using Cloud 9 for years. When he started it, he was never required to input a credit card number or information.

Advice for the future: Take into account that there are people out there that do not have access to this information and that we can not use a highly recommended platform to do our work. Have a good day and I hope you’ll understand that adding a feature where it is mandatory to have a credit card will cause you all a lot of trouble.


C9 isn’t likely to change the credit card policy for free accounts, so you have to work with the system.

Here in the US, pre-paid Visa cards are readily available at grocery stores. If you have them were you live, buy one and use it to sign up for a C9 account. You need only a few dollars on the card for it it work.

Then use the card to buy something.