[Request] A certain functionality to be added


Hi, I’ve made the transition to using c9 on all my projects as its so simple to work on different machines without worrying about setting up the environment over and over.

With that said I used atom a lot and there was this certain functionality I really found useful. However, I can’t find that same functionality in the c9 environment.

Basically, in atom when you press CTRL+D after highlighting text it will find the next instance of the same text and highlight it as well. Press CTRL+D again and it will find the next instance and highlight it. So on and so forth. This is useful when you want to change certain variable names quickly on the fly. Every instance of text that has been highlighted all take on the same new text that the user types it.

This would be awesome if this could be implemented into c9! Thanks


In cloud9 you can use ctrl-alt-right key combination for this, ctrl-alt-left finds the previous instance of selected text, and ctrl-alt-shift-right skips the current selected one and finds the next,
I believe this shortcuts in cloud9 are more convenient than equivalents in sublime/atom, that said you can also switch to sublime mode from edit>keybinding menu if you like ctrl-d more.
Let me know what do you think


Awesome, thank you! I’ll be switching the key bindings to the sublime equivalent