Rename "Jade" to "Pug"



A very simple feature request.
The template language Jade has been renamed to “Pug”, but in the c9 IDE, it still detect *.jade and named “jade”.
Please fix this simple bug by renaming it to “Pug”.

Of course I can manually set IDE to recognize *.pug as *.jade.
But why not make it better?


Yes, I support the request. Being c9 IDE to auto recognize .pug as jade file would be great!


So, finally, are .jade files supported in the c9 IDE or not?
I am just beginning a project and c9 IDE must offer me to write my html5 files as jade.
Am I on correct place to tell this?


Yes, actually you can specify the format of file that c9 ide recognizes manually.


Thanks. Today I saw an information that telling me that

I’ll do that :slight_smile:

Thanks, Bests…