Remove myself from a workspace


Sometimes people share a ton of projects and workspaces with me and it clogs up my Shared with Me page. Lots of them I never use anymore or want to be involved in. How do I get these unshared with me or remove myself from the projects?

Page Not Found for student workspaces

If you go to, you’ll see a list of workspaces that have been shared with you. In order to remove a workspace from this list, you’ll need to remove yourself from having access to the workspace.

To do this, open the workspace and click the Collaborate panel on the far right. Look for your username and click the trashcan next to it to revoke access. Once this is done, this workspace is no longer shared with you and it will not show up on your dashboard.


Thanks explaining how to remove yourself from a workspace.

In my shared list, I have many workspaces that have been deleted, but are still listed. I think the user deleted the workspace, but it still shows in my list.

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