Remote MySQL on wp instance



Pre-sales question
Is it possible to connect remotely to MySQL on wp workspaces?
I build custom wp integrations, and need to connect to MySQL remotely in a lot of cases.
Quick example would be I need to add a new row in a certain table or look for new rows added to a table.

Also is it possible to get a static ip?


I would like to get an answer as soon as possible. I need to make a decision on what tool to buy?


Hello I want to buy … any help on this ?


Hey Jeff,

It is not possible to get a static IP with a hosted workspace; you can use cloud9 with SSH workspaces as a premium user (where it uses the UI on top of a bring-your-own-machine setup, connecting over SSH).

Opening external ports beyond the HTTP/S proxies provided for ports 8080, 8081 and 8082 is not possible.

A lot of users with wordpress use wordpress itself on port 8080 and then set up something like phpmyadmin on one of the other ports to administer their mysql instance.