Regular monthly payment failed - unable to enter a different credit card


I was notified by email this morning that my monthly payment process was not successful. Although I know there is plenty of money in my account, I tried to enter another credit card in case there is a problem with my bank.

I tried to enter two different credit cards that I know are good, and got an error message about an “Invalid merchant ID” for both of the credit cards.

I see someone else is having an issue with trying to enter credit cards for payment. I hope this gets worked out soon.


This billing situation is making me very nervous. I have five education team accounts set up with valid credit card info. We are in week 4 of an 18-week semester and my students need to have access to their workspaces. My credit cards are good and working for all charges yet Cloud9 is reporting “Invalid Merchant ID” in the billing UI.


I just received the same error. Trying multiple cards resulted in the same Invalid merchant ID error message.


Im guessing you guys all saw this:

" Ongoing Incidents

Description: Creditcard payments are not possible on Status: monitoring. Impact: major Description: Maintenance. Status: identified. Impact: minor"


This is a better page: