Refunds for Pro account after 30 June 2019


I have a Pro account account that is paid up to 30 November 2019. However, given workspaces will be unusable from 30 June 2019, can I get a refund for the 6 months of 30 June to 30 November?


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Hi Jason,

As we said in our email on April 2 2019:

If you have a subscription, we will issue a refund for at least the unused amount upon deactivation of your account or the termination of

If you have any more concerns, don’t hesitate to contact us on support.

Thank you for the reply @mvhenten.
Apologies for the dumb question - I never received the email sent on April 2nd.


How do I de-activate the account to get the refund? I’ve moved to Thanks.

Never mind; looks like the refund was processed. Thanks.